What is Storycasting?

In today’s hyperfast media landscape, lines are blurred between news and marketing.

When information about your company is about to break, you don’t have a week or two to capitalize on the window of spiking traffic. You have days, maybe even hours. You don’t need a marketing agency and 12 rounds of creative briefs; you need a professional journalist who can instantly nail the heart of the story and deliver it to you while you can still capitalize. And for that, you need a real storyteller who is a Multi-Media Journalist, someone who produces different length pieces that are appropriate for every channel you own.

Large companies have the resources to build their own Corporate Newsrooms and capitalize on these opportunities.  Scribes and Storycasters levels the playing field. We provide top tier written stories and broadcast quality videos, in as fast as 24 hours. We call these “Storycasts.”

Your moment of opportunity may come out of the blue. Don’t miss your chance to optimize its effects. Contact one of our Executive Producers today.