NBCU Introduces Advertising Automation for TV Media Buying

We’ve seen automation rip its way through the newsroom. Now, it looks like it’s hit the sales department.

NBCU announced the introduction of Advertising Automation, enabling companies to purchase TV ads on network shows without needing to talk to a real salesperson. Just log online, click a few buttons, and the ad is placed. According to the story, nearly all of NBCU’s ad inventory will be available, with the exception of ads in future marquee events like the Super Bowl, Olympics, and World Cup.

What this means for Advertisers: Marketing departments have become accustomed to being able to directly buy targeted ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more from an online dashboard. By not having to go through a salesperson, a marketer can treat their ad buys like a fantasy football game, customizing campaigns based on their customer data, and plugging the request straight into the network’s ad system.

What this means for Networks: If this is successful, and becomes standard practice across all networks, then the very idea of “Network” becomes even less important than ever. A Marketer can simply search for shows that match their customer data, and make the purchases. They don’t even really need to remember the name of the show they bought, they’ll simply be looking for the demographics.

What this means for Salespeople: If you’re making your living waiting for the phone to ring and then placing the order, then you are about to be replaced. The account executive will still be important for Tier 1 advertisers. But the value a salesperson brings to their network may become their ability to identify a a new advertiser trying out the automated system, and upsell them into extended sponsorship packages.

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The Sportswriter’s Dilemma – What’s Next?

Awful Announcing’s Alex Putterman (@AlexPuttermandetailed the issue many journalists are facing in this environment. Namely, if you leave the sportswriting industry that you love, what to you do next?

Putterman interviews several writers, chronicling their transitions to their new careers. We recommend reading the whole article.

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News of the Month – August

A new month brings more articles about the ever-converging worlds of media, news, marketing and digital. Here are some reads we wanted to pass along.

Disney to cut jobs at ABC unit in 10% broadcasting cost reduction (USA Today): “Walt Disney Co. is planning to lower costs at its ABC television unit, which will result in job cuts. The number of jobs haven’t been specified, but the Burbank, Calif.-based media giant expects to cut about 10% of the TV unit’s annual costs, according to a person who’s familiar with the matter but wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.”

E.W. Scripps Co. acquires Katz broadcast networks in $302 million deal (WMAR Baltimore) :”The E.W. Scripps Co. announced the acquisition of the Katz broadcast networks in a deal worth $302 million. The networks include Bounce, Grit, Escape and Laff.”

4 Ways to Use the Power of Story to Build Your Business (Inc.com): “Authenticity is attractive. While most people are inherently suspicious of brands, 80 percent of consumers say that authentic content can compel them to engage with a company. In a world increasingly filled with “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and a deluge of marketing messages, people yearn for what’s real. As a brand, you have the opportunity to cut through the noise and reach audiences by telling an authentic story.”

The Art of Storytelling Meets the Science of Data Analysis (eMarketer): “All brands have a story to tell consumers, but telling it in a way consumers want to hear can be challenging…Marketers are relying on a mix of owned, earned and paid media to disseminate content that tells their brand story.”

Seven Rules Of Effective Video Storytelling (Forbes): “More than 1.5 billion people log in and watch YouTube every month. As marketers, we love that stat. But bear in mind that content producers upload 300 hours of new video content every minute. How can you produce a video that will get noticed, watched and acted upon?”