The Sportswriter’s Dilemma – What’s Next?

Awful Announcing’s Alex Putterman (@AlexPuttermandetailed the issue many journalists are facing in this environment. Namely, if you leave the sportswriting industry that you love, what to you do next?

Putterman interviews several writers, chronicling their transitions to their new careers. We recommend reading the whole article.

How can Scribes and Storycasters help journalists?

Scribes and Storycasters helps journalists find new freelance opportunities. Ideally, we connect you with marketing and PR teams in industries you already know, and have covered.  We plan to have a database of companies looking for true storytellers rather than general marketers.

We’re still testing our service and would love your feedback. Becoming a Storycaster in our system is easy. Simply send us a little about yourself and our work, and we’ll work on ways to match you to the types of companies that need you.